Security Department

The Security Department is tasked with “keeping of the keys” for the ship. The volunteers in this Department assist the other volunteers on board by making sure they each have access to the necessary ship’s systems in order to perform their respective duties.

Security works closely with Command in determining who should have access, with Engineering in ensuring they can have access, and with Operations in ensuring they have the access they need.

Below are the volunteer “Duty Station” positions that fall under the Security Department. Active members who don’t wish to volunteer may request to be assigned to Security as a “Standard position” with no duties allocated.

Chief Security Officer

Lieutenant Commander Ross Burnett

The Chief Security Officer (CoS) is the Department Head for the Security Department of the USS Omnus. The Department Head acts as a communication conduit between the Command Department and the Security Department.

The Chief Security Officer manages the Command Codes Matrix – the list of all secured Omnus systems and who should have what level access to which.

This position may not be held by an Enlisted member.