Communications Department

This is the public relations department of the USS Omnus. Comms are responsible for publishing the Omnus ‘ newsletter, and for producing marketing material like brochures, pamphlets, advertisements and content for this website.

Comms is also involved in managing the content of the Omnus’ public-facing online presence, such as social media pages and websites.

Below are the volunteer “Duty Station” positions that fall under the Communications Department. Active members who don’t wish to volunteer may request to be assigned to Communications as a “Standard position” with no duties allocated.

(Acting) Chief Communications Officer

Lieutenant Commander Kerryn Burnett

The Chief Communications Officer (CCO) is the Department Head for the Communications Department of the USS Omnus. The Department Head acts as a communication conduit between the Command Department and the Communications Department, and is charged with overseeing the Department’s areas of responsibility.

This position may not be held by an Enlisted member.