The Crew

The USS Omnus is a volunteer-run, membership organisation. Our members are what make the ship, and the volunteers below are the members who keep us flying.

Senior Staff

Command Staff and Department Heads

Captain Carel Botha
  • Commanding Officer
  • Acting Science Officer
Commander Mandy Botha
  • Executive Officer
Commander Henry Swanepoel
  • Chief Engineering Officer
Commander Ross Burnett
  • Chief Security Officer
Commander Kerryn Burnett
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Ship Counselor
  • Acting Communications Officer

Member Categories

Members of the USS Omnus are welcome to choose their own level of involvement. To help the volunteer team manage all the different choices available, the members of the crew are divided into five categories:

  • Active Duty: Duty Stations
  • Active Duty: Standard Positions
  • Active Duty: Recruits
  • Passengers
  • Reserves