Member Categories

Members of the USS Omnus are welcome to choose their own level of involvement. To help the volunteer team manage all the different choices available, the members of the crew are divided into five categories:

Active Duty Members

Members who are actively involved in USS Omnus activities. All Active Duty Members are required to comply with the Omnus Privacy Policy.

Duty Station holders

Volunteers who are prepared to be actively involved in the running of the ship.

We hope that all members will choose to be Duty Station holders. For this reason, these members are awarded rank promotions and other accolades at a higher rate than all other members, in recognition of their efforts. Volunteering is prestigious, and we endeavour to make sure it’s never thankless.

Standard Position holders

Members who want to be actively involved, but don’t wish to carry any responsibility.

We understand that not everyone is able to commit to serving in a Duty Station. Members who still wish to be a part of the Omnus family are always welcome. Standard Position holders are invited (but not obliged) to earn the necessary qualifications to perform a Duty Station role at some point in the future.


Crew-members who have yet to request assignment as either Standard Position or Duty Station holders.

Intended as a temporary status, Recruits are expected to choose a Department to serve in, so they can transition into either a Standard Position or Duty Station holder. Recruits are expected to make this choice within 30 days of joining the crew.

Non-Active Duty Members

Members who meet the minimum requirements of membership, but are not actively involved. While considered members of the crew in principle, they very limited access to Omnus systems, and are thus not functioning members in any practical way.


Members in good standing of STARFLEET International who have selected the USS Omnus as their chapter of choice, but have not completed the Omnus on-boarding process.


Crew-members who meet the minimum requirements for Omnus membership and have completed on-boarding, but who do not participate in ship’s activities.

This is a category for members who choose to be entirely passive in their Omnus membership. All Active Duty members are reassigned as Reserves after 6 months of no participation in Omnus activities.

For the purposes of this classification, ‘participation’ is defined as: Engaging in any of the following, more than once in the last 6 months:

  • Has logged into the USS Omnus Discord workspace in the last 30 days;
  • Posts on the Omnus Facebook or Discord channels or on the Omnus Google Group. (Commenting on a post counts, simply “liking” it does not);
  • Attends Away Missions as a member of the crew (as opposed to simply being present when an Away Mission is taking place, with no intent or involvement as a crew-member). This should be signified by something like wearing an accurate uniform, seeking out a team leader to check in, or posting on social media using the name of the USS Omnus;
  • Responds to check-in requests from Department Heads