Ranks and Promotions

Crew-members of the USS Omnus are each assigned a rank which reflects that member’s contribution to the ship, region and STARFLEET. Promotions up to the grade of O-5 (Commander & Lieutenant Colonel) are approved by the Commanding Officer.

Crew-members are able to earn rank promotions through a system of required and elective requirements: meet the correct number of requirements, and you are eligible for your promotion.

All Duty Stations carry with them an automatic promotion which applies if you are not of the requisite rank for holding the position at the time of your appointment. These promotions are independent of any eligibility criteria outlined in this section

Promotion Criteria By Grade

Members who have not completed the Officers Training School (OTS) course at STARFLEET Academy. This includes:

Commissioned Officers

Members who have completed the OTS course. This includes:

Ranks above O-5 are awarded by STARFLEET International. More information on the criteria are available on the SFI website.


Members under the age of 18.


It’s the responsibility of the individual member to keep track of the requirements he/she has met, as well as the necessary supporting documentation. You’ll be able to do this by using the Promotion Tracker document that you were sent when you first joined the crew.

When you’ve earned eligibility for promotion, bring it to the attention of your direct superior or the Executive Officer, and the Commanding Officer will either grant or reject your promotion at that time.

The Commanding Officer is ultimately responsible for approving or rejecting all rank promotions. Typically, when you have earned eligibility for promotion, the CO will grant the promotion. The CO may, at his discretion, grant promotions before you have received eligibility as a reward for outstanding meritorious conduct or as part of a Duty Station appointment. Alternatively, if you have a black mark on your record (such as a “Failed to report in” or a record of “Conduct unbecoming”), the CO may choose to reject or significantly delay your promotion, even if you have otherwise earned eligibility.

Rejected Promotion Requests

If your rank promotion is rejected, you may appeal the decision with the Commanding Officer. Having a rejected rank promotion will not prevent you from making successful requests in the future, once the issue that caused the rejected request has been resolved.